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In 2020, You Helped Keep Our Parks Protected.

This year, let's make sure they stay that way.

The I Use Alberta Parks project was launched in July 2020 to oppose the Government of Alberta’s decision to close 20 park sites and delist 164 others - a decision made based on the claim that sites were “under-utilized.” With over 990 visits logged to these sites and 99 sites adopted, we showed our government that we use and love these areas!


On December 22, 2020, the Alberta government announced that park sites would no longer be closed or delisted. Alongside many other spirited grassroots groups, I Use Alberta Parks participants truly made a difference.


However, we know the fight is not over yet.


In November 2020, the Government of Alberta announced its new Crown Land Vision, which indicates that major changes will be made to our parks and public lands legislation in 2021. Now more than ever, it is important to let our government know that we use and value these areas, and we want to see them stay protected and accessible for all Albertans.


How can you help?


You can make a difference by simply showing that you visited a provincial park in Alberta. Whether you live in Alberta or not, if you have recently visited an Alberta provincial park, make sure to log your visit below!


Want to go one step further? You can also adopt a park by printing off an I Use Alberta Parks poster at home and posting it at the trailhead! These signs will help other visitors understand the legislative changes that might be coming to our parks system and encourage them to participate in the I Use Alberta Parks project by logging their visit.

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Be Counted Now

By filling out the following form to log your visit, you will help us show how well-used and beloved Alberta parks are.

You can also write your MLA below

Log Your Visit

Upload a photo of you using the park to add impact!

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Write Your MLA

If you would like to take further action and let the Alberta Government know that you are in favour of stronger parks legislation, our friends over at CPAWs have a tool where you can write your MLA a letter to voice your opinion

Click the button below to visit the CPAWS site

(will open a new browser window)


Below is a map and list of all the parks scheduled for closure or delisting

The park you select here will be maintained in actions further down the page (e.g., logging a visit or adopting the park)

Select a Park
Log a Visit
Write your MLA


Put up a Poster

We need to spread awareness of the I Use Alberta Parks movement to get as many people as possible involved.


You can help by adopting a park! When you adopt a park you commit to two easy steps that make a big difference:

  1. Sign up in the form below to print off a poster at home and put it up at the park’s trailhead.

  2. Visit the park from time to time to replace the poster if it wears out.


To adopt a park and receive a poster, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Select the Poster Style

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Adopt a Park
Adopt Park Registration

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Who We Are

I Use Alberta Parks is a group of concerned Albertans who love the wilderness and outdoor opportunities that our beautiful province has to offer.

We want to demonstrate to the Alberta government that people love and use these parks - there is no good reason to shut them down.

We are supported by volunteers at Frostbyte Consulting, a Calgary based environmental consulting and information management company.

Click on the pdf icon below to access our press release and learn more

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Who We Are
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